Tourism Strategic Master Plan

As part of their 2022 Business Plan, Destination Markham has retained the services of CBRE Tourism Consulting to create an inaugural 3-Year Tourism Strategic Master Plan. This is an endeavour that will build strategic leadership and capacity for Destination Markham, provide insights to restart and strengthen Markham’s tourism ecosystem, drive overall growth internally and externally, and define Markham’s value proposition as a destination.

As the City already has many strong tourism players and partnerships in place, the Plan is expected to leverage the existing strengths, support the further growth of tourism operators, and unlock the potential development for new tourism products and experiences. In light of the current pandemic reality, the Tourism Strategic Master Plan is expected to not only include a strong vision and strategic plan for Markham as a destination, but also consider post pandemic planning and implementation in the short and mid-term.

The CBRE Tourism Consulting team is undertaking a four-phase study process, organized as follows:


CBRE is currently in Phase 1 – Environmental Scan and has developed a strong consultation plan in order to undertake extensive stakeholder engagement, research and analysis. This process is expected to help truly understand the destination as it is and was prior to COVID-19 from a range of perspectives (locals, visitors, potential visitors and other key stakeholders).

We hope that you will consider participating in this phase of the process, to ensure the Tourism Strategic Master Plan is rooted in the experience and insights of Destination Markham’s key stakeholders!

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