It's time
to Markham!

We are no longer just a destination on a map.

Yes, we are home to Canada’s most multi-cultural community.
Yes, we have a world-class sports facility.
Yes, we are considered to be Silicon Valley North.

But we are much more that simple pins on a map…we are the personification of excitement and best reason to take action and be a part of it!

Where the meetings & conferences are happening.

Design your meeting, event, or conference around Markham’s unique, venues, world-class culinary experiences and local amenities ready to host your group.

Where the sports are happening.

Markham is home to world-class sports facilities, ready for your next tournament or sporting event.

Where the culinary experiences are happening

Experience a day, night or weekend in Markham experiencing some of Canada’s finest culinary destinations. We are home to kitchens creating magic.

It’s all happening here.

It’s time to Markham!

To learn more about hosting a Conference, Festival or Sporting Event in Markham, please contact:

Ruida Lu, Business Development
p/ 416-389-4508