Welcome to the Neighbourhood: Rouge River Estates, Rouge Fairways & Legacy

This residential area boasts many parks and trails within a family-friendly neighbourhood. In the centre, you will find Markham Green Golf Club, perfectly located away from the
hustle and bustle of the city for those golf lovers. When visiting
Rouge River Estates, Rouge Fairways and Legacy, be sure to
get outside, stretch your legs and enjoy the fresh air as you visit
the many parks and trails.

To See & Do

Markham Green Golf Club

Markham Green Golf Club – 120 Rouge Bank Dr – www.markhamgreen.com

Rouge River Community Centre – 120 Rouge Bank Dr #2

Tomlinson Park – 98 Boxwood Cres

Fairway Vista Park – 26 Sparta Ct

Boxgrove Community Park – 6780 14th Ave

Forest Hill Trail – 133 Rouge Bank Dr

Roxbury Park – 71 Roxbury St

Old Mill Pond Park – 46 Legacy Dr

Pictured: https://bit.ly/3hPFZKR | Markham Green Golf Club

Enjoy the best of Markham

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