Top 5 Patios in Markham

Chef 88 Elite

Patio dining is here and we could not be more excited! Grab a friend, sit under the sun, and indulge in some delicious local cuisine. Where to first? We’ve made a list of the top 5 must-visit summer patios in Markham.

Chef 88 Elite

Chef 88 Elite is home to the biggest outdoor dim sum patio in Markham, and it is the best spot for authentic Chinese dim sum.

Il Postino

Il Postino Restaurant

Grab a little taste of Italy at this gorgeous patio on Main Street Unionville. A date night favourite, this spot is complete with sparkling lights and homemade dishes.

The Duchess of Markham

This local pub has the perfect patio to watch the Euro Cup with friends. From sandwiches and burgers, to great beer, where else would you rather be for the big game?

The Duchess of Markham

The Next Door Restaurant
Photo Credit: Veewaang

Next Door Restaurant

Scenic patio in Markham alert! Next Door Restaurant is located at the historic mill on Main Street Unionville, giving you rustic vibes and the best view of the street. Did we mention? Their brunch is to die for!

Tapagria Restaurant

Tapagria is a Spanish tapas restaurant bringing authentic Iberian dishes to the heart of Commerce Valley in Markham. This spot combines classic Spanish tiles with industrial fixtures and natural wood finishes. Their patio is open for brunch and dinner and is perfect for social gatherings.

Tapagria Restaurant

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