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An arrangement of flowers from a local florist in Markham

There is something special about receiving a package in the mail, whether it be something you’ve always wanted, something you need but can’t buy in-store, or something you want from your favourite stores without leaving your house. Check out these subscription boxes for a monthly surprise from a Markham Business. Support local very month with a new delivery at your door!

Pictured: Kate’s Garden Bloom Service

Hatch Crafted

Coffee being prepared at a local shop in Markham

If you’re a coffee-lover, then you need to subscribe to the coffee plans at Hatch Crafted!

They have two plans to choose from: the Roastery Select Plan and the Core Coffee Plan. The Roastery Select Plan is a surprise box, where you will get different coffees each month with new profiles, origins, and blends. The Core Coffee plan is where you get to select your 2 favourite coffees to get delivered monthly to you for your home brewing needs.

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Pictured: @hatchcrafted

Kate’s Garden

Kate’s Garden’s Bloom Service will keep freshly bloomed flowers in your home year-round! Choose between Kitchen Table, Dining Room, and Foyer for the size of the bouquet in your bloom service. Once a size is decided, choose which service you would like; Standard Bloom Service which is a new blooming bouquet at the beginning of each month, the Feeling Extravagant service to receive a new bouquet every other week, and the Holiday Service where you will get a new blooming bouquet a few days before each holiday throughout the year. Choose which service best suits you and your home for a year of beautiful flowers!

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Pictured: @katesgarden
A beautiful arrangement of flowers at Kate's Garden

Rouge River Brewery

Support your local craft brewery in Markham

If you’re the type of person who loves to try new beer and unique seasonal flavours, then the Rouge River Brewery Monthly Subscription is for you!

Each month, you will be delivered 3 new beers. You will get 4 cans of each beer, so there is more than enough to share with friends to put the taste to the test!

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Joyfully Organic Farm

Do you love the taste of fresh fruits and vegetables every summer?

If so, then look into the Farm Share Box from Joyfully Organic Farm. Choose between the full Farm Share program or the Mini Share for a weekly box of 6-8 organic fresh vegetables between June and December.

Taste your way through this subscription with delicious meals made from locally grown and organic produce!

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Pictured: @thecureatemethod
Local produce from Joyfully Organic in Markham


Local toy store Mindzai

If you’re looking for a monthly surprise for the kids at home, then check out the Mindzai Mystery Toy Boxes!

Sign up to receive a mystery box of 5 to 8 toys every month. If you don’t want to subscribe for a year, then consider one of their Blind Boxes for a surprise box with a specific theme of toys and accessories. Mindzai’s Blind Boxes and Mystery Boxes will keep the kids entertained with new and unique toys!

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