Simply Series

Brilliant Performances, Untold Stories.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Flato Markham Theatre’s 2023 Simply Series!




Simply Series features spectacular performances and never before seen inspirational encounters with significant Canadian artists. Through this digital initiative, Flato Markham Theatre has created a space where artists perform, share their creative process and the challenges they have faced and overcome, their personal histories, and the reasons they create their art. Each session features live and pre-recorded elements, taped either at FMT or in a studio. The series aims to inspire – a ‘TedTalk meets live concert’ hybrid.



Check out some sneak peeks of artists included in the 2023 Simply Series below! 

Simply, Gowan!


Gowan playing keyboards on stage


Scottish-born Canadian vocalist and keyboard player for rock band Styx, Lawrence Gowan, joins this season of Simply Series!

Not only will his performance blow you away, but he also sits down with Flato Markham Theatre’s General Manager, Eric Lariviere, for an intimate interview. He talks music, shares stories of his journey, and gives insight into his inspirations.

Photo by Claude Dufresne.


Simply, Michael Kaeshammer!



You’ve never seen anyone play the keys like Kaeshammer! Weaving together sounds and styles of classical, jazz, blues, boogie-woogie and pop, he is a truly unique Canadian performer.

Kaeshammer has won countless Western Canadian Music Awards for Best Jazz Artist, Performer of the Year and more.

Photo by Tine Acke.

Michael Kaeshammer standing backstage

Simply, Kellylee Evans!


Kellylee Evans standing in the pink and green hues of stagelight


JUNO-award-winning singer and composer Kellylee Evans joins us this season!

She brings her powerful voice, incredible tunes, and vibrant stage presence to the Flato Markham Theatre for a never-before-seen performance. Listen closely as she shares snippets of her journey and connects her music to stories of her past.

Photo by Phantom Productions.


Simply, Canadian Brass!



This group of Canadian performers have an international reputation as one of the most popular brass ensembles today!

Having sold well over two million albums worldwide, Canadian Brass live is a must-see. And now, here’s your chance! Tune into their wonderful sound and learn about how they came to be.

Photo by Nina Yoshida Nelsen.

Members of Canadian Brass holding their instruments


There’s so much more to discover with Simply Series, including performances from 3x Platinum Scottish-Canadian artist John McDermott and Magic of Motown’s George St Kitts!

Head over to now to watch these wonderful interviews and performances free of charge.

The Simply Series was made possible through the generous support of Flato Developments, Government of Canada, and the City of Markham.

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