Message from the Mayor & the Chair, Destination Markham Board of Directors

Mayor Frank Scarpitti
David Miller, Chair, Destination Markham Board of Directors

Welcome to Destination Markham!

Diversity is one of Markham’s greatest signature attributes. We’re home to a diverse collection of people and cultures, foods and festivities. We host a vast and varied group of businesses representing different sectors serving different markets, comprising multi-national enterprises through to entrepreneurial start-ups and street-front mom and pop shops.

Our communities are a mixture of urban amenities alongside the quaint shops of historic Unionville, century homes in Thornhill Village, heritage sites of Markham Village, and the new urban flavour of Downtown Markham, coiffed with natural greenspaces including Canada’s preeminent Rouge National Urban Park. Wide-ranging housing styles and ample overnight accommodations reflect the diversity of the very people who live and work here, and who warmly welcome you – whether residents, family, friends or visitors – with open arms and inviting smiles.

Destination Markham Corporation’s (DMC) goal is to make good on the promise that whether you are visiting Markham for business, for a cultural or sports event, or for leisure travel, there’s something for you.

In the face of this current pandemic, DMC’s priority is to assist local businesses to stay open and thrive. It includes reinforcing health and safety messages via consumer education initiatives and promoting Markham as a safe destination.

And importantly, establishing a Markham Safe Ambassador Squad responsible for offering services in eight different languages on matters ranging from funding, grant, marketing, networking and collaboration opportunities to technology support, and business resources specific to pandemic health and safety protocols.

We invite you to take a few minutes to learn about the Destination Markham Corporation and our City’s wonderfully eclectic makeup; a diversity that defines our appeal as a safe destination with lots to love and so much to do – and above all else – a steadfast.

Mayor Frank Scarpitti
David Miller, Board Chair