Instagram-Worthy Spots in Markham

A field of sunflowers in Markham

Looking for the best place to snap a selfie this summer? We got you!

Check out these insta-worthy spots in Markham! #VisitMarkham


Love Gelato Alley

At Love Gelato, the camera eats first!

Grab a scoop and snap a pic in their cute alleyway on Markham Main Street. The best time to get a pic for the ‘gram is when the sun goes down and the alley lights are sparkling.


Instagram: @love_gelato

Downtown Markham Stairs

Strike a pose on these steps!

They change every season, so be sure to go back in the fall.

(Also – not too far from these steps, there are murals for a good selfie moment!)

A woman in bright dress taking an instagram-worthy photo in Markham

Stiver Mill

The Stiver Mill on Main Street Unionville is one of the most popular spots in Markham to snap a pic!

The red historic building brings a pop of colour to brighten up your feed. 

Carma Farms Mural

The art Carma Farms is incredible. With multiple murals to take a selfie in front of, you’re sure to get a good snap.

And, the animals are just too cute not to pet!


Instagram: @carmafarms

Instagram-worthy Carma Farms mural

Milne Dam Conservation Bridge

The best park in Markham with the best views, from the best bridge.

You can get a beautiful photo during any time of day at any season on the Milne Dam Conservation Bridge. It’s an amazing spot to take a walk and enjoy nature in Markham. 

Sunflower Fields

Okay, this one is our favourite places to visit in the summer, and we can’t wait until it opens! Bring a friend, get lost in the field of sunflowers, and snap cute photos for the ‘gram. 


Instagram: @sunflowerfieldsofmarkham

Father and son taking an instagram-worthy photo in a sunflower field in Markham

Enjoy the best of Markham

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