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Fall is in the air, and if you take a deep breath through your mask you can almost get that hint of crispness that evokes memories of life before Covid-19.

Pandemic fatigue is real, but at Destination Markham we are thankful for all the different activities we can pursue just within our own backyard!

The Toronto Marriott Markham has a new staycation package to fully immerse yourself in Downtown Markham and historic Main Street Unionville: the package includes discounts at over 10 restaurants and shops in Mainstreet Unionville, but we wanted to highlight a day just focusing on Downtown Markham.

Book your own Staycation package at the Toronto Marriott Markham- the rooms provide a safe haven away from home. We also love the fact that we can enjoy the ONLY indoor elevated infinity pool in York Region. Even if the weather is getting a little chilly, the indoor pool is such a great way to burn off some of that pandemic related stress. The property has also launched its own Commitment to Cleanliness- so you can be sure that the staff are doing everything they can to keep you safe, socially distant, and protected during these unprecedented times.

Book your own staycation now!

Our staycation starts every morning with the snooze button- because when you are on a break, you need to catch up on your zzz’s. The Toronto Marriott Markham offers a grab and go breakfast, which is great- but with so much to eat just outside the doors, you might be tempted as we are to keep breakfast small and make room for lunch, dinner, and LOTS of snacks.

Start your first big meal at the Good Catch Boil House: enjoy the freshest daily seafood catches in boils, and maybe wash it down to one of our 18 craft beers on tap from local Ontario Brewers. #Supportlocal anyone?

The shrimp boil with vermicelli is an excellent dish that we highly recommend! What we love about the Boils is that you choose the main, have an option of sauces and your choice of sides: if you want a little taste of everything but know your stomach might not have the room, try the combos!

Check out the menu in advance and plan your lunch!

Make a little bit of space for dessert and wash away your seafood breath with bubble tea! There are many bubble tea cafes in Downtown Markham, and to be honest we don’t have a favourite (we love them ALL!) but what about trying Comebuy Bubble Tea?

Try their signature original bubble milk tea, experiment with their seasonal flavours, or go the slightly fruity route with the Peach Oolong Tea. Ask for less sugar, because then it’s just a health drink- right? We will politely ignore the calorie content in one pearl.

See what they offer!

Burn off some of the calories (aka: make room for dinner) by enjoying some of the art installations in Downtown Markham. There is stunning public art available indoors and outdoors- the Toronto Marriott Markham has also been designed to incorporate thought provoking art at every turn!

We love the underground art, and know we can pass a few hours (or at least one large bubble tea) meandering downtown, checking out the art installations. Take your own Instagram photo, do it for culture, and share it with us! #VisitMarkham : we are always look for community posts to share.

If you are not quite ready for dinner, we would recommend picking up some dessert for tonight first. Patisserie Fleur is known for its French inspired dessert pastries, and while we think their whole cakes are beautiful, a cute assortment of mini cakes is such a great dessert pick me up.

We suggest dropping by, picking up a few desserts and taking it to the room for later: we recommend getting some of their specialties, if they still have some. The sesame noir is one we highly recommend, and the orange de terre is simply gorgeous.

Ooh and Aah the creations!

For Dinner, we recommend Terre Rouge Toronto. Reserve your table in advance, to be on the safe side. Terre Rouge is a contemporary French restaurant that takes its inspiration from Canada’s “red earth”, and we love too many of their dishes to highlight just one!

The bone marrow & escargot, for those who might not be familiar could be a daring choice, but well worth it. The Foie Gras is decadent and a bite of luxury. We love the way food is plated, we LOVE the duck legs, and if it wasn’t for these unprecedented times, we would recommend going with a group so you can order a little bit of everything to sample and share.

If you want to temporarily forget you have beautifully crafted pastries waiting in the room to try their dessert, go ahead. We won’t tell.

Fall in love with Terre Rouge menu and reserve your table!

These are unprecedented times that we live in, but in Markham, there is a lot to do and see, all within our own backyard: and businesses are working hard to keep #MarkhamSafe.

Enjoy yourself at the Toronto Marriott Markham, and have a great socially distance staycation!
Looking for more to do in Markham? We have a lot more planned for you!

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