Discover the Blossoming Beauty of Markham’s Cherry Blossoms

As spring paints the city of Markham in pastel hues, the cherry blossoms emerge as the true stars of the season. With two exquisite varieties, the Yoshino and Kwanzan cherry trees, Markham offers residents and visitors alike a breathtaking spectacle of floral beauty. Here’s your guide to the best spots in Markham to enjoy these blossoms in their prime.

Prime Locations for Cherry Blossom Viewing

  1. Markham Civic Centre
    101 Town Centre Blvd, Markham
  2. Along Rougeside Promenade
    (behind the Uptown Market Plaza, 3985 Hwy 7, Markham)
  3. Milne Dam Conservation Area
    8251 McCowan Rd, Markham
  4. Toogood Pond Park
    280 Main Street, Unionville

Tips for Cherry Blossom Viewing

Visit Early: Cherry blossoms are ephemeral, so catch them in full bloom by visiting in late April or early May.
Photography: Early morning or late afternoon provides the best light for photos.
Respect Nature Enjoy the blossoms without harming the trees. Refrain from picking flowers or climbing the branches.


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