#DineInDoOver in Markham

#DineInDoOver Markham

Throughout the past 2+ years, we have missed out on celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, religious holidays, milestones, corporate events and some great personal accomplishments. This April let’s re-do and celebrate everything we have missed throughout the course of this pandemic.

Join Restaurants Canada and have a #DineInDoOver! Now that restrictions have lifted, go out and celebrate all the missed events with your family and friends at your favourite restaurant. Or celebrate by trying out a new restaurant you’ve had on your list for a while. Re-do the celebrations and events this April in Markham!

DineInDoOver Markham
What is #DineInDoOver?


  1. a viral social media trend in April where Canadians take to social media using the ‘#DineInDoOver’ to share their experiences in re-doing the moments they’ve missed over the pandemic in the setting of a restaurant. “Susan missed her 30th birthday last year so she celebrated this week at Mystic Cocktail Bar and posted her #DineInDoOver on Instagram!”


  1. the act of making up for the moments you’ve missed over the pandemic by hosting a celebratory redo of important events. “NovaBank missed their annual Holiday party two years in a row because of the pandemic, so they brought the team together for a #DineInDoOver in April. It was the first time I met my team in-person!”


Are you doing a #DineInDoOver? Be sure to share what celebration or event you are re-doing by using the hashtags #DineInDoOver, #VisitMarkham and #DiscoverMKM.

For more information visit www.dineindoover.org


Are you a restaurant owner, restaurant marketer, or a staff at a restaurant? Download this toolkit to see what you can do to join the movement and spread the word!

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