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Noodles are one of my favourite foods and I’ll definitely choose it over rice any day! There is so much versatility and variety when it comes to noodles dishes and there seems to be some variation to it in every culture. Come along with me as bring you on a journey through different restaurant dishes around Markham that showcase the diversity of noodles! Be sure to check these places out and #supportlocal!

Azyun Restaurant

Website: Azyun Restaurant
Address: 144 Main St N #17, Markham, ON L3P 5T3
Instagram: azyunrestaurant
Phone Number: (905) 554 1666

Noodles don’t have to be served hot to be delicious. The chilled noodles from Azyun is a simple appetizer that is full of flavour and opens up your appetite for more food. The noodles have just the right amount of chew while the oils stimulate your palate for the next dish.

Azyun is an intimate restaurant on Main Street Markham that serves up contemporary Chinese cuisine. The chef is always reinventing the menu with new dishes. Be sure to add on an order of their bao buns to get a sense of what their food is all about!

Be sure to call in to place your order for 10% off your meal!


  • Chilled Noodles
  • 8hr Pork Belly Buns (2 pcs)

Chiang Rai Thai Kitchen and Bar

Website: Chiang Rai Thai Kitchen and Bar
Address: 7750 Kennedy Rd, Markham, ON L3R 0A7
Instagram: Chiang Rai Thai Kitchen and Bar
Phone Number: (905) 604 8424

We can’t talk about noodles without eating a Pad Thai. At Chiang Rai, their Famous Pad Thai is a staple on their menu. These noodles are flavourful and has a great balance of sweet, spicy and sour notes that Thai cuisine is known for. Pick the type of protein you want to add and also the spice level to make the dished tailored to your tastes. I opted for the vegetable and tofu for my noodles to keep the meal vegetarian.

Chiang Rai is a beautiful restaurant if you have the chance to dine-in. It’s best to eat their food hot to really taste the ‘breath-of-the-wok’ on these stir-fried dishes. I hope to eat in person here soon!

Order your food on their website for a 10% discount.


  • Famous Pad Thai with Vegetables and Tofu (Mild)

Malay Thai Famous Cuisine

Address: 3255 Hwy 7, Markham, ON L3R 3P9
Phone Number: (905) 948 1628

Now not all noodle dishes need to be enjoyed from a restaurant – here’s a modest location within First Markham Place’s food court! Malay Thai offers authentic Malaysian and Singapore style dishes prepared fresh. They have great portions and are very reasonably priced.

One of their most popular dish is the Curry Laksa. This soup noodle has both thick and thin noodles which is complemented with a spicy, rich broth. The tofu that accompanies the noodles help soak up the flavourful broth. I love that they package the noodles and broth separately so you don’t have soggy noodles!

If you’re not in the mood for something soupy, their Penang Fried Kueh Teow should hit the spot. These noodles are springy and have a great mouthfeel. Even though these are stir-fried noodles, they do not feel oily and have just the right amount of spice to keep your appetite wanting for more.


  • Curry Laksa
  • Penang Fried Kueh Teow

Folco’s Ristorante

Website: Folco’s Ristorante
Address: 42 Main St N, Markham, ON L3P 1X5
Instagram: @folcosristorante
Phone Number: (905) 472 6336

Folco’s is an Italian gem located on Mainstreet Markham. All their pasta is made fresh in house and it makes all the difference for authentic Italian food.

When deciding which pasta to eat, I have a weakness for fettuccini, pesto and prosciutto which are all included in the Fettuccini di Piemonte. Pasta is such great comfort food and it’s even better when done well. Their takeout pasta also comes with a few pieces of bread which is the best vessel for soaking up all the leftover sauce in the container.

Be sure to order ahead of time as Folco’s gets busy really quick. In addition to pasta, their pizza is another must-try on the menu. They also have an amazing patio that is extremely popular. With their new addition of heaters, patio season is extended indefinitely!


  • Fettuccine di Piemonte

Kiu Restaurant

Website: Kiu Restaurant
Address: 169 Enterprise Blvd 2nd Floor, Markham, ON L6G 0E7
Instagram: @kiurestaurant
Phone Number: (905) 513 6368

I can never get enough of ramen noodles, whether they are in instant form or fresh. A good bowl of ramen noodles with a rich broth and delicious toppings will warm you right up and satisfy your cravings. Kiu’s Shio Ramen is nicely balanced and I love their soft boiled egg and cha shu.

Located on the second level beside the movie theatre in Downtown Markham, I used to always dine-in before and after movies. They offer a variety of Japanese dishes including sushi and izakaya eats. Kiu is always redefining itself and constantly evolves their menu so be sure to try their specials!

If you order directly with the restaurant for pick-up, they would offer a 15% discount when paying in cash and 10% when paying with a card.


  • Tonkotsu Shio Ramen

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